Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series Hosted by Michelle Gillette

Sarah Seidelmann

Life-Coach Michelle Gillette of Thrive + Fly Coaching interviews Dr. Sarah Seidelmann, a Medical Physician turned Shaman /Healer /Life Coach about her latest book, Swimming With Elephants. Sarah's honest and often funny memoir gives a first-hand account of what it was like to "Follow Her Own Feel Good" and transition from being a working mother of 4 with a hard-earned career as a Pathologist to a wonder-filled career in the healing arts that better feeds her soul. In the memoir, Sarah takes us from her traditional life in Duluth, Minnesota through her exotic travels to her current life as a well-respected healer/shaman/ life coach where she continues to journey's often and she models for others how to embrace their muchness and their multitudes! Also mentioned in the interview is Sarah's 2nd book, BORN TO FREAK, still in print. Sarah's website is