Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series Hosted by Michelle Gillette

Invigorate your life: Women's "Encore Career" Workshop

…for women craving a newly invigorated life
If you’ve been wondering
“is this all there is?” or
“what’s next?”
If you don't know what your passion is yet
or how to make it work....

If you are a mom who doesn't know how to balance your own self-fulfillment while remaining dedicated to family...

You are NOT alone.

Please join us for this free event where we'll work together to:
Explore ways to tap into your authentic passions & your purpose
Discuss common obstacles that derail us from attaining our goals/ ways to overcome them
Create mindset shifts that create more ease, confidence + success
Share resources and step-by-step guidelines to jumpstart an encore career (with worksheets/handouts)
Create a collaborative community of networking & support

Special thanks to our venue sponsor - Eden Alpert /Vibrato
& to Focus Magazine/ FocusTV for their ongoing support